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Dr. Goldberg’s Academic Publications

Predicting Migraine Responsiveness to Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections

A new study has been released that proves Botulinum Toxin Type A, better known as BOTOX®, may help patients who suffer from migraines. The study found that BOTOX® can help those who have imploding and ocular migraines, specifically. The study was co-authored by Dr. Wee, an associate of Dr. David Goldberg of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey. By injecting BOTOX® into the muscles of the brow, eyes, forehead, side of the head, and back of the head, the cosmetic injectable significantly reduced migraine frequency, severity, and associated vomiting.

Clinical, Laboratory, and MRI Analysis of Cellulite Treatment with a Unipolar Radiofrequency Device.

Cellulite is seen in more than 85% of postpubertal women. Recent studies show that bipolar radiofrequency and low-level laser devices can produce mild skin tightening of cellulite. The primary objective was to determine if a novel unipolar, more deeply penetrating, radiofrequency device can promote better skin tightening with fewer treatments than is seen with previously described devices. The secondary objective was to determine if such a deeply penetrating device produced undesired effects on lipid metabolism.

The Use of Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology: Results of a Consensus Conference

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has significant promise in improving outcomes of patients with a variety of cutaneous conditions. A group of experts, including Dr. Goldberg, met to review the principles, indications, and clinical benefits of PDT using ALA. The experts established consensus statements for pretreatment, post-treatment, ALA contact time, light sources, and numbers of sessions associated with ALA PDT for actinic keratosis and superficial basal cell carcinoma, photorejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement, acne, sebaceous skin, rosacea, and rhinophyma. They based consensus recommendations on their clinical experience and the medical literature.

Use of phosphatidylcholine for the correction of lower lid bulging due to prominent fat pads

Orbital fat tissue, while important in protecting the eye, can protrude during aging, making a patient look tired’. Surgical correction, although traditionally the treatment of choice, can lead to scarring. Phosphatidylcholine (PPT) has been shown to reduce the size of these fat pads after direct injection. The compound, licensed in Europe for intravenous treatment of fat embolism, has recently gained interest for reducing localized fat by subcutaneous injection. However, there is a dearth of clinical data relating to efficacy and side effects.

Acne scar correction using calcium hydroxylapatite in a carrier-based gel

This study sought to determine the efficacy and safety profile of calcium hydroxylapatite filler in the treatment of acne scars.

Effect of temperature-controlled cooling on light-based skin treatments

A consideration of skin cooling requires an evaluation of both body and skin temperatures.

Past, present and future: Vascular lasers / light devices

Vascular lasers were among the first available cutaneous light-based technologies. The past 20 years have seen a variety of safe and effective laser and light-based vascular treatment devices. This article provides a review of the medical and scientific literature, which concludes that newer lasers have led to increasing success and safety in the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions.

Laser removal of pigmented and vascular lesions

The purpose of this review article is to present the current treatment options for the common aesthetic complaints of pigmented and vascular lesions.

Analysis of Ultraviolet B Laser and Light Source Treatmeant

Lasers and light sources emitting ultraviolet B (UVB) irradiation have been shown to repigment striae distensae.

Ultrastructural changes seen after ALA-IPL photorejuvenation: A pilot study

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment currently represents one of the most popular non-ablative photodamage skin treatments. Recent anecdotal evidence suggests that aminolevulinic acid (ALA) photodynamic therapy using IPL as a light source is superior to IPL alone for photorejuvenation.

Treatment of terminal and vellus non-pigmented hairs with an optical/ bipolar radiofrequency energy source-with and without pre-treatment using topical aminolevulinic acid

Effective laser hair removal of pigmented hairs can be accomplished with a variety of melanin absorbing wavelengths. Such effective systems include 694-1064-nm laser systems and a variety of light based technologies. An alternative approach, albeit experimental in nature has been to pre-treat unwanted hair with a light-absorbing photosensitizer and/or photo-absorbing agent. Topically applied aminolevulinic acid has been shown to promote photoepilation.

Clinical, histologic and electron microscopic findings after injection of a calcium hydroxylapatite filler

Evaluation of the clinical, histologic and electron microscopic ultra-structural changes seen with CaHa (Radiesse) at 1 and 6 months after skin injection.

Multicenter Study of Noninvasive Radiofrequency for Periorbital Tissue Tightening

This 6-month study evaluated the efficacy and safety of treatment with a nonablative radiofrequency (RF) device.

Nonablative Facial Remodeling

A variety of nonablative lasers have been used to improve skin color and toning. Evidence of new collagen has been seen. Using blinded observer analysis of electron microscopic changes, we have documented the effect of a nonablative Nd:YAG laser on collagen production and its relationship to patient age.

Noninvasive Cosmetic Treatments for the Aging Face

This article reviews several noninvasive cosmetic treatments for the aging face that may be effective alternatives for patients who wish to avoid surgery.

Non-Ablative Laser Treatment of Facial Rhytides

Non-ablative dermal remodeling has been shown to create new dermal collagen. This is thought to occur secondary to a laser-induced effect in the skin. Such procedures are cosmetically elegant.

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Skin Laser & Surgery Specials of NY & NJ is now a division of Schweiger Dermatology Group.

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

The health and safety of our patients and staff is our top priority. Our in-office safety policies are aligned with the latest guidelines issued by the CDC and local government officials related to COVID-19.

New safety policies for patients:

  • Patients will undergo screening questions and receive comprehensive instructions about our new policies prior to their appointment.
  • To minimize contact, we will offer patients virtual check in and check out.
  • Patients will be instructed to come to the office wearing a mask.
  • Patient temperatures will be checked via forehead scanners upon arrival to the office.
  • We have reorganized our offices to maximize social distancing and cleanliness, and we have altered workflows to allow patients to wait outside or in their cars until their exam room is ready. Patients will be contacted via text message or phone call when the provider is ready for the visit to begin.
  • We are asking for patients to arrive at their appointment alone. For children and adult patients who require a caretaker, one adult may accompany the patient.
  • Patients who are sick or have had exposures to COVID-19 will be rescheduled.
  • Offices will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day.
  • Teledermatology appointments remain available for patients who prefer to be seen virtually.

New safety policies for office & staff:

  • All of our staff have completed training on all new workflows and infection prevention measures.
  • All of our clinical staff will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during patient encounters to include masks and eye protection.
  • Our exam rooms are sanitized before and after every patient visit.
  • All SLSS team members will be screened for symptoms and/or fever daily prior to coming to work.
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